DSP Features

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  • Visa-Free access to around 128 countries, including Schengen Area, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Fast processing time (Around 30 - 60 days)
  • No language nor eductaion requirements
  • No residency requirements
  • Hereditary Citizenship
  • Oath of Allegiance ceremony in convenient locations and via video conferecing during Covid-19 period
  • The only Citizenship program in the Asia-Pacific hemisphere
  • No Taxation
Restrictions on Dual Nationals

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Holders of dual nationality in Vanuatu may not engage in any of the following activities which would forfeit their citizenship:


  • Hold or serve in any public office or armed forces
  • Be involved in Vanuatu politics
  • Fund activities that would cause political instability in Vanuatu
  • Affiliate with or form any political parties in Vanuatu